Crochet Melanie 12″ Square

  I’m pleased to present Melanie, square #14 in the CAL Crochet A Long’s Friends Around the World CAL. If this is the first you’ve heard of the CAL, you can find everything you need to know on their blog here. I’m so honored to have been asked to be a part of this project with includes simple, elegant squares from many of my favorite designers around the world. Melanie is named after a dear friend I met on Instagram! {Read More}

How to Make Cheerful Child Crochet Blanket in Different Sizes

How’s your Cheerful Child coming along? Good I hope! I’ve had lots of requests for information on how to make it in different sizes so I took time this weekend to figure all that out for you. I’ve got info-graphics you can download for each size right here!

Crochet Candy Cottage Gingerbread House Tutorial Part 3

Happy Thanksgiving! Today we are ready for the third and final installment of the crochet Candy Cottage Gingerbread House. It’s time to add the decorations—door with heart, candy stick doorposts, gumdrops and icicles. I went pretty simple with this gingerbread house. My others, Gingerbread Cottage for example, are festooned with lots of candies, peppermints, candy canes and more. I decided this time to go with a simple tan, pink and white confection. OK so let’s go!

Crochet Candy Cottage Gingerbread House Tutorial Part 2

Are you ready for the next installment of the Candy Cottage Gingerbread House? I know you are! Today we will crochet the tan gingerbread pieces to cover the little cardboard house that we made in Tutorial part 1. Front and back, sides/bottom piece, and roof halves. Then we will glue them in place to be all ready for the last installment with the most fun part—the frosting and candies! Love it. And I can’t wait to see your creations!

Crochet Little Gobbler Decorative Pot Holder

  It’s almost turkey time! This little crochet guy will look great hanging in your kitchen for Thanksgiving. I hope you will enjoy making him. From my family to yours, we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to being together with family and friends and giving thanks for our many blessings as we share a dinner of traditional favorites. We live simply but are so blessed and very thankful. I wish you a lovely week!

Crochet Candy Cottage Gingerbread House Tutorial Part 1

OMG I’m having cuteness overload here! How sweet is this little crochet pink and white trimmed gingerbread house? I loved designing and making it. In contrast to my previous gingerbread house designs, I’ve chosen a yummy pink and white color scheme for the frosting and candy. The whole thing is mostly single crocheted and chains, and crocodile stitch for the roof. We’ll talk more about those pieces in Part 2. Today’s post is the first of three. Here is the {Read More}

Dream Circle 12″ Crochet Square and Mandala

Hooray! The day has finally come when I can release my newest design, the Dream Circle 12″ Square and Mandala. I hope you love it for all your CALS and square projects. I’m honored that Dream Circle is the featured square for September 17 on the fabulous Moogly 2015 CAL! I’ve also included instructions for making it into a mandala instead of a square. In addition, I made one of these squares to begin my Around the Bases CAL, and I {Read More}

Posy Wheel 6″ Crochet Square

Here’s  a pretty little 6″ square for you to start off the Cheerful Child CAL. I’ve called it Posy Wheel, because the cluster stitches form a flower design within a wheel. I hope you enjoy making Posy Wheel! Cheerful Child is a baby blanket CAL here on that appears every Monday and Thursday January 7-February 18, 2016. It features granny-style blocks in a variety of designs, all on the easy side. Its skill level is adventurous beginner, which means the crocheter {Read More}

Taanvi’s Flower Crochet Motif

Happy day! I’m so glad to have this pattern ready to show you. It’s a pretty little flower motif design named after my sweet granddaughter Taanvi. I’ve added instructions and lots of step-by-step photos to guide you through making the motifs, joining as you go, and adding filler motifs in between if you want to use this motif to make a blanket, cushion cover, or something else you dream up! This motif is so much fun to make in happy {Read More}

Dorothy Crochet Hexagon Motif

Ready for something a little different from the usual crocheted square? Try a hexagon instead. This pretty one features a little bit of overlay crochet with the treble crochet V-stitches dipping down into previous rounds.